My research uses tools from cognitive science and philosophy to improve how we reason and communicate. One project develops new empirical methods to advance experimental philosophy and other areas of psychological inquiry. Another develops and tests classroom interventions that improve student motivation and achievement by giving students greater autonomy. And a third project aims to improve reasoning, open-mindedness, and across-the-aisle communication via experiments in computer-aided pedagogy, argument visualization, and automated discussion moderation.

For AY 2024–25, I am Carnegie Mellon University's Dietrich College AI Fellow, allowing me to devote myself to developing and experimentally testing AI applications to enhance group reasoning, depolarize political dialogue, and foster understanding between partisans. See my Projects page to learn more, and look under Teaching for some work on reasoning and philosophy pedagogy.

After completing my PhD in Philosophy at Princeton University in 2015, I was a postdoc in the Philosophy Department at Princeton and in the Cohen Lab at Princeton Neuroscience Institute. In 2018, I joined the philosophy faculty at Carnegie Mellon University. My CV is available here

Contact me at <my last name at cmu dot edu>